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On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, send from a variety of sweets to your near and dear ones along with the wishes.


Dhanteras falls in the month of Kartika on the 13th day of the dark fortnight, according to the Hindu calendar whereas according to the Gregorian calendar, it comes in October-November. This day is celebrated as the day of wealth and on this buying of gold, silver, utensils and new clothes is considered very auspicious as these things bring prosperity to the people. Also, together with the warm wishes of this festivity, sweets too are exchanged. People send a variety of sweets to their relatives and friends as a token of love. These delectable sweets as gifts make the festival more special with the unforgettable memories. You too can send sweets depending on the favourites of your close ones and make the day extra sweet for them.

Dhanteras Sweets Gifts

Badam Barfi
Badam Barfi is one of the very famous and special sweets made of almonds, cardamom powder, sugar, and coated with edible silver foil. This sweet is square in shape and can be relished any time. You can send this delicious sweet to your friends and relatives on Dhanteras.

Motichoor Ke Laddu
Another option is gifting Motichoor Ke Laddu to your loved ones on Dhanteras. This sweet is relished by everyone and no one can keep oneself away from tasting this mouth-watering it. Made up with gram flour, ghee, milk, cardamom powder, dry fruits adorned with edible silver foil, the sweet successfully tickles your taste buds.

If you are thinking to give a sweet treat to your near and dear ones then, the gift hamper full of pedas will surely be a perfect gift. The pleasant taste of this sweet is very hard to resist. Pedas are made of khoya, sugar, cardamom powder, strands of saffron, and a pinch of nutmeg powder.

Karachi Halwa
Karachi Halwa is another famous and extremely tasty sweet which will surely be liked by those who have sweet tooth. It is made from pistachios, almonds, ghee, lime juice and caster sugar. On the top is the pistachio slice with a pulpy layer of cashew nuts and pistachios in the middle, which makes this sweet extra tempting. Thus, delight your loved ones on Dhanteras by sending them Karachi Halwa.

Kaju Barfi
Kaju Barfi is one of the very popular and traditional sweets which is liked by everyone and is suitable for every occasion. It is made of cashew nuts, sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee, beautified with the edible silver foil. This is no doubt a palatable sweet which can be savoured any time. So, give a delicious treat to your loved ones by sending them Kaju Barfi as a gift on the occasion of Dhanteras.

On this Dhanteras, delight your friends and relatives by sending these delicious Rajbhog. This sweet made up of milk, pistachios, cardamom powder, rose water, and saffron titillate your taste buds with its tempting looks and taste.

Mewa Pinni (Dry Fruits Sweet)
Mewa Pinni is very rich and delicious sweet made by mixing a variety of dry fruits, cardamom powder, ghee and sugar. Perfect to gift to your near and dear ones with this Dhanteras!

Soan Papdi
Soan Papdi is yet another delicious sweet, flaky and crispy. This cannot be left without relishing and thus, makes the best gift to be gifted on the occasion of Dhanteras. This sweet is made from gram flour, sugar, cardamom powder, milk and is decked with a variety of dry fruits.

Chocolate Barfi
Make your friends and relatives feel very special by sending them a gift box full of chocolate barfis on this Dhanteras. It is a double layered delicious sweet prepared from chocolate powder, milk powder, cream, cocoa powder, and sugar.