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Dhanteras is an occasion when every mom wishes to buy appliances for her kitchen. Mentioned are some of the feasible ideas for you to have a look.

Kitchen Appliances Gifts

Dhanteras is an Indian festival that is celebrated two days before Diwali; it marks the beginning of Diwali festival celebrations. The festival of Dhanteras is celebrated to seek blessings from the goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. Dhanteras is believed to be an auspicious day to set up businesses, commence new projects, decide wedding dates, etc. On this day, people buy gold and silver for homes and copper, iron or steel for the kitchen. Apart from buying the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, you can even consider buying kitchen appliances. Exchanging gifts on this day is a popular custom and kitchen appliances are the most likable gifts. As Dhanteras is approaching, plans for the purchases to be made have begun, mentioned here are some ideas for the Kitchen Appliance shopping on this Dhanteras.

Kitchen Appliances Gifts for Dhanteras

Hand Blender
Pretty reasonable on pocket, a hand blender is a perfect item for modular kitchen of the times. It is a sleek and handy product that has multiple uses; it can be used for blending liquids, semi-liquids, chopping and mixing. It comes with detachable parts, making it easy to keep and clean. If someone close to you still doesn't have it in their kitchen then it is the best thing to buy this Dhanteras.

Fish Grill
Fish Grill is a perfect item for someone who loves cooking and eating fish. This griller is specifically designed to cook delectable fishes. This kitchen griller is apt for braising and searing the fish. This Dhanteras, gift this fish grill to your loved ones and let them serve delicious fish food to you.

Egg Cooker and Poachers
A simple appliance to boil eggs and making poach is Egg Cooker and Poacher. All you got to do is add water as per the instructions on the measuring cup, poke holes in the eggs, and you are done. These egg cookers even have slides in trays to make poaches. Indeed a perfect kitchen appliance that gives you perfectly boiled and poached eggs without messing up the kitchen.

Toaster and Griller
Present your dear ones an OTG, which would serve their purpose of an oven or toaster or a griller. It would facilitate them to finely cook restaurant like grilled food like tikkas, kababs, etc. This branded OTG comes with tough handles that stay cool making the opening and closing of doors convenient. Easy to clean, this oven-toaster-griller makes a perfect Dhanteras gift.

Microwave Oven
How about gifting your friends or family a helping hand in their cooking? Present them with a Microwave Oven with various features like 22 auto cook menu; steam clean, electronic touch panel, etc. If your loved ones still don't have it in their kitchen, it's time for you to buy them this appliance on this Dhanteras,

Juicers and Mixer Grinders
What's better than starting the day with a fresh glass of fruit juice packed with a host of vitamins and nutrients? This Dhanteras, gift your loved ones a healthy lifestyle. Present them with juicers and mixer grinders, which you can avail in various designs, features and brands.