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Dhanteras is an auspicious festival that signifies wealth and prosperity in one's life. Make it even more special by sending gifts to your loved ones. Here are some of the gift options. Take a look.

Dhanteras Gifts

Dhanteras is a festival that signifies the importance of wealth and prosperity in one's life. This festival is celebrated two days before Diwali and it marks the beginning of five day festivities of Diwali. It is on this day that new purchases are made; silver products are bought for home and copper and iron products for the kitchen. Dhanteras gifts are exchanged on this day among friends and family. On this day goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi is worshipped. It is an important day for people who run their own businesses. On this auspicious day, many people set up their business or start new projects, worshipping the goddess to bless them with success and wealth. Many even buy new cars and jewellery on this day. This day considered fortunate to conduct weddings. People make it a point to send Dhanteras and Diwali gifts to their near and dear ones on this day. Enhance the joy of the festival of your valued ones by presenting them with pretty gifts on this auspicious occasion of Dhanteras. Available with us are some exciting and elegant gifting ideas for Dhanteras. Have a look at the items displayed in this online gift gallery and select the apt one to send to your loved ones on Dhanteras.

Dhanteras Gift Ideas

Candle Holders
As the day of Dhanteras marks the official beginning of Diwali celebrations in India, how about illuminating the lives and houses of your treasured ones with bright lit lamps on this day? Available on this online gift portal are various beautiful candle holders in white marble, wood and glass with intricate designs. These candle holders can even be used for decorating the interiors of one's house. You can gift your loved ones these candle holders teamed up with designer candles.

Tea Set
Tea sets can indeed be a nice option as Dhanteras gifts. Available on this gift portal are pretty tea sets not only different varieties but also in different price range, making it suit everyone's budget. Well, displayed here are some suggestions for some cool tea sets, which can be gifted as Dhanteras gifts to your loved ones- silver plated tea set, crystal tea set, or may be a bone china tea set. What say?

Racks, Holders & Trays
Think beyond the usual Dhanteras gifts and go with the option of holders, racks and trays. Indeed useful gifts, they would make wonderful presents for your loved ones. These gifts not only add to the elegance of the home but also serve the utility. Available with us are these racks, holders and trays in various designs, shapes and sizes to suit your need. Pick up the perfect one from the items displayed and we will help you deliver your warm greetings.

Cooking Appliances/ Kitchenware
On this auspicious occasion, people tend to buy the products for their kitchen. They buy kitchen appliances and kitchenware of copper, iron and steel. It would surely be a good idea to gift your family and friends the kitchenware. You can select the right one from this gift portal. Since it would come handy to them, your loved ones would remember you each day.

Ethnic Design Cushion Cover
Another unique item from the usual gifting stuff could be cushion covers. Available in ethnic designs to match the festive feel, you can buy handmade cushion covers, the cushions with hand block prints from this online gift portal on the pretty reasonable cost.

Gold & Silver Gifts
Gifting someone with gold or silver on this occasion that signifies the importance of wealth is undoubtedly a perfect idea. Present your loved ones with the shimmering pieces of gold or silver; you can even gift the coins made of gold or silver to them. It would not only seem amazing but even add up to their assets. You can pick up the festival coins in gold or silver from this online gift portal as per your pocket.

Gift your close ones with lovely jewellery on this merry occasion. You can present them with earrings or rings, or may be a pendant for their neck pieces. That surely would bring a bright spark of happiness in their eyes. Available on our web portal are these items displayed in different designs and price range for you to choose from.

Dry Fruits & Sweets
Dry fruits and sweets are inseparable part of any Indian festival. Add sweetness to your relation with your near and dear ones. You can get any sugary delight or dry fruits delivered at the doorstep of your family and friends from this online gift portal. You can even consider sending a bunch of fresh flowers along. A huge smile is guaranteed.